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Betina Shipyard and Marina was founded in 1948 on the tradition of Betina shipbuilding in wood dating back to the 18th century, from 1740.

The Betina caulking workshop employed several shipbuilders, and later expanded its activities to forging and locksmithing, supplying wooden ships to the entire area from Zadar to Šibenik.


Betina became a hotspot for excellent craftsmen who later slowly "flooded" the coast and islands of northern Dalmatia and laid the foundations of shipbuilding in these places.

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- Repairs and maintenance

- Polishing and waxing

- Underwater service

- Electro-mechanical services





- Travel Lift 440t / 40t / 20t

- Boat Towing Pool 9,6m wide / 4,5m depth

- Sheds 900 m2 / 360 m2

- Ship Lift Area 30.000 m2

- Pier




- Wifi

- Garbage Collection

- Security Service

- Water

Our overhaul shipyard has long been known for the professional maintenance of all types of vessels, marine engines and nautical equipment and the top quality of mechanical, carpentry and other work in wood, plastic and metal.


From now on, this expanded service base can provide unrestricted removal and lowering services, complete service and maintenance of yachts and commercial vessels up to 50 meters in length and over 30,000 square meters of land area, provide refit, accommodation and storage services. 

Work is underway to expand and arrange a new concrete terminal for overhaul work, which is also laundry for vessels with a complete wastewater disposal system, which provides mechanical and chemical treatment according to the highest environmental standards.

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