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Betina shipyard and marina


The shipyard and marina was founded in 1948 on the tradition of Betina shipbuilding in wood dating back to the 18th century, from 1740. Today we provide a top service of maintenance, servicing and modification of modern yachts, wooden boats, sailboats, catamarans and other vessels up to a maximum weight of 440 tons and a length of up to 50 meters. Within the shipyard there is a marina with 190 berths in the sea and 80 places on land. We are extremely proud of our tidiness and cleanliness of the working environment and care for the environment. Our team of 100 employees together with partners performs all their tasks with great passion for the ship, responsibility for the sailor and the sea.


Ensure quality, efficient and recognizable service in an environment that takes care of the client, employee, associates and the environment. In order to achieve this, we will work in a planned and profitable manner, thus ensuring the training of our employees, the application of sustainable environmental standards and a service platform that is trusted by customers.


To be a partner of trust to the sailor and the sea.

Consistent from the first step

We are a partner who approaches the client with quality in mind in all phases of our relationship, even when it comes to seemingly unsolvable problems. Ask our clients about our hospitality and business approach.

Blue Water

Brodogradilište i marina d.o.o.

Nikole Škevina 15, Betina

OIB: 86582445784

Tel: +38522434495

Fax: +38522434498


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