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family on a beach with dog running with piece of wood

Let's Build Together Most-Eko Boat


In an effort to clean at least one beach and create something beautiful we set out on this story. We want to build with your help one NAJ-EKO BOAT. Its assembled parts will be discarded pieces of wood found by you on the shores of the island. It is a ship that will not sail because each of its wooden parts is an experienced sailor who spent years hanging out and talking to the sea.

NAJ-EKO boat is a place where we will hang out and talk together and come up with some new ideas for some new adventures. We also included children in the entire story, those little beings who teach us what love and joy are. They will make many small wooden ornaments that will decorate every ship that joins this story.


Let us become an example from which children will learn what it means to live by caring for nature.

Sign up, become a part of this story and get nice benefits in our marina and shipyard.

SAILORS - after registration, get nice prizes in just three steps


STEP 1: Collect Wood

Clean the shore of everything you think needs to be removed, if you can and how much you manage to.

wood on beach
taking photo underwater

STEP 2: Photograph or Record your part of NAJ-EKO STORY

We will create a wonderful joint story about how the NAJ-EKO boat came to be.

STEP 3: Come To Us

We will have the opportunity to meet you, take the wood from you and hear the story of it and of course fulfill what we promised.

2 people shaking hands
people portrait gallery


– Your name and the name of your boat will be engraved in the skeleton of the NAJ-EKO boat, you will receive a wooden figurine made by children from a piece of wood from the beach + one-day free berth in season by appointment + one free discharge of gray and black water + discounts to our services in the shipyard and marina.

wooden fish on a book

KIDS - after registration, get a nice prize in just three steps



After registering your kindergarten, we will send you two boxes full of dice, empty them and play with dice, but save the boxes you will need for the next steps.

lego dices
kid playing with sand


Together with your kindergarden teachers and parents, find and collect interesting small wooden pieces from the beach. Persuade parents to clean the beach a little from the things that do not belong there.


create small wooden objects and send the best of your choice in a cube box. In the second box of cubes, send us the remains of wood that you did not use, because with the help of the children, the children will make some more interesting works from them.

kids playing on a beach


In addition to the cubes that we will send as the first step of this story, the name of your kindergarten will be engraved in the skeleton of the NAJ-EKO boat, children whose works will be selected + artists will choose the 12 most beautiful works, and small authors with their entourage will be our guests. A two-day get-together full of excitement and curiosity. Among the many activities, we will spend one day cruising the Kornati islands.

kids hanging out on a porch


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Register a sailor or kids.

Thanks for signing up!
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