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In an effort to clean at least one beach and create something beautiful we set out on this story. We are no longer alone in this story because many dear people and companies have joined us. Encouraged by the community, we want to encourage all our partners, the island community and beyond to join us.

NajEKO story starts with gathering on May 4, 2022 at the Roca farm, where we will present the NajEKO story in the company of many good people, Dalmatian food, and with good music signed by Ante Gela.

During the gathering you will have the opportunity to learn the skills of our youngest fellow citizens of the island of Murter, try some of the best electric bikes or even try to ride a horse. We will also present to you five interesting stories from our partners.

Do you work in a kindergarten or in school from 1st to 4th grade?

After registration you will receive two boxes full of EKO dice for the game from us. Organize a visit to the beach and ask the children to collect pieces of wood from the beach. It would be nice if they were joined by parents who could collect everything that does not belong to the sea, which we call waste. Dispose of the collected waste properly, and send us the best wooden pieces in one of the two boxes you received from us.

But don't stop there, encourage the children to make some small decorations or objects from the surplus wood you have collected. Send us the best work in another box, according to the choice of all participants in your workshop. From the small wooden pieces you send us, the children of Murter will make some new wooden wonders with the help of artists in the spring of next year with which we will decorate our NAJEKO POINT, NAJEKO BOAT but also the marina. 

In addition, the artists will have the task of choosing the best 12 from all the works we receive in the second box. All selected ones together with their entourage and with the support of our partners, will be invited to a two-day gathering that will be enriched by a one-day boat cruise. As a token of special thanks, the name and location of each kindergarten that joins will be engraved in the NAJEKO MOORING.

kids playing on the beach
boat sailing

Choose an island where there is no kindergarten or primary school and bring us a larger piece of wood from which our caulkers will make a NAJEKO BROD.

If you don't have a place for a piece of wood or you haven't found a single piece of wood on that island, but you want to be a part of this action - no problem. You, your crew and passengers can clean a part of the beach and bring that waste and dispose of it in our NAJEKO mooring.

In addition to wood or collected waste, bring us a picture or video in which all this is recorded, because in the end we want to make an unforgettable collage colored by all.

Join us and you and your ship will not remain indebted. Your pets will receive quality discounts on the boats we construct, you have a one-day free berth in the season at a time agreed, free discharge of gray and black water at our NAJEKO mooring. Unobtrusively, we suggest that you encourage the rest of the crew to clean up, but also the passengers if you have them.

Children learn by working and imitating us. Let's be a good example to them and enable them to actively participate in eco-activities.

Do you decide where the boat sails or you have a recommendation?


Register your kindergarten or class, your boat or yourself.

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